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The tour of the vineyard offers a special insight into the reality of the Vineyards of the Giachi family, and what it is like to own and operate a wine-producing territory. Guests will be intrigued by the sights of the landscape and architecture that surround this estate that includes the barrel room, wine cellar, and also the various tasting rooms both inside and outside of the garden. In particular you will appreciate the Vernaccia Vineyard of San Gimignano, operated under the management of Romano Giachi since 1996, from which originates the name of the wine “Poggioaicieli,” one of the most famous wines that originated in the area; we are among the few vineyards that remain dedicated to preserving the grape Vernaccia di San Gimignano with a revolt exposure between South and Southeast. You do not want to miss the Sangiovese vineyard!

The new vineyard showcases a spiral shape that is capable of producing a mix of aesthetic and tradition, and has become the attraction for the “maniacs of discovery”. The cite features a harmonious succession of rows of vines arranged in a spiral formation that surround a central stone platform designed for intimate wine tastings as its vantage point to allow visitors to enjoy this spectacle of nature. The visit will be equipped with a guide that will explain the company’s historical Tenuta Torciano and the current, complex workings of the production line. Over the span of about two hours, tourists will have the opportunity to taste wines directly off of our production belt.

This intimate tour of the vineyard is aimed to attract both fans of Tuscan wine and also those unfamiliar with our world, to come and enjoy a unique experience in wine culture. An experienced local guide will lead you around the estate to witness our agricultural practices and cellars.

The package includes a tour of the vineyard and a lesson about the grapes:

  • Wine lesson, from the winemaking procedures, how to keep a vineyard. Learn the procedures to make wine and the grape harvest
  • Tuscan Lunch in winery with winetasting together with the lunch and wineschool:
    • Appetizers: Tuscan cheeses and salami, Bruschetta and snack
    • First Course: Truffle lasagna or Tuscan ribollita
    • Second Course: Roast meat with roast potatoes
    • Dessert: Cantuccini with dessert wine

 Available on request, vegetarian, vegan and gluten free menu.

 Tour and Tasting of wines including our library reserve vintages

  • Brunello di Montalcino D.O.C.G.
  • Rosso di Montalcino D.O.C.
  • Cabernet Bartolomeo Riserva I.G.T.
  • Merlot Baldassarre Riserva I.G.T.
  • Syrah Cavaliere Riserva I.G.T.
  • Vernaccia of San Gimignano D.O.C.G.
  • Chianti D.O.C.G.
  • Chianti Classico D.O.C.G.
  • Chianti Classico Riserva D.O.C.G.
  • Red of Montepulciano D.O.C.
  • VinBeato – Dessert Wine
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cold Pressing
  • White Truffle flavored Olive Oil
  • Pepper Hot Olive Oil
  • Balsamic Old Vinegar selected