Cooking Class

Learn the secrets of the authentic Tuscan cuisine



An unlikely combination, the owners of Torciano have grown to love preparing and enjoying a bowl of ice cream along with a great glass of wine. Every memorable occasion is marked with a glass of wine and ice cream. A visit to Tenuta Torciano will not only give you a chance to take a break from the hassles of everyday life and enjoy a good wine, but will also give you the opportunity to have fun spending time with loved ones and learning how to prepare ice cream.

Enjoy the sweetest lesson on earth! In this class you will learn to prepare real Italian ice cream directly in our kitchen in medieval San Gimignano.

We consider this class to be a special opportunity for our guests where they, together with our cooks, can learn the art of making ice cream from scratch, mixing milk, eggs, chocolate and whipped cream to bring out a spectrum of tastes.

Over the span of one hour, participants will come to understand the difference between ice cream and gelato, how to make it with cream and fresh fruit sorbets, as well as the various ways to make it without using a machine. After the class, you can enjoy a gourmet Tuscan dinner paired with a winetasting that features 15 different varieties of wine, in addition to your delicious cup of homemade ice cream.

Upon arrival the guests are greeted by their host in our Welcome Center for a brief walking tour of this historic property.

The IceCream Class Includes:

  • Making of homemade Gelato prepared with our chef.
  • 2 Flavors prepared together, way better than the one purchased in a market. The flavors may vary according to seasonality.
  • Lunch or Dinner with dessert made of Ice cream.

The Lunch or Dinner will have the following menu:

  • Appetizers: Tuscan cheeses and salami, Bruschetta and snack.
  • First Course: Truffle lasagna
  • Second Course: Roasted meat with vegetables
  • Dessert: Icecream together with Dessert Wine

Available on request, vegetarian, vegan and gluten free menu.

Tour and Tasting of wines including our library reserve vintages

  • Brunello di Montalcino D.O.C.G.
  • Rosso di Montalcino D.O.C.
  • Cabernet Bartolomeo Riserva I.G.T.
  • Merlot Baldassarre Riserva I.G.T.
  • Syrah Cavaliere Riserva I.G.T.
  • Vernaccia of San Gimignano D.O.C.G.
  • Chianti D.O.C.G.
  • Chianti Classico D.O.C.G.
  • Chianti Classico Riserva D.O.C.G.
  • Red of Montepulciano D.O.C.
  • VinBeato – Dessert Wine
  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cold Pressing
  • White Truffle flavored Olive Oil
  • Pepper Hot Olive Oil
  • Balsamic Old Vinegar selected