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The streets of Torciano and the Giachi family crossed for the first time 300 years ago and it was destined that a perfect harmony was created between the high wine brand and the Italian design signature.

The love for prestigious wine, the passion for design, respect for traditions and attraction for the Tuscan territory are all common denominators that paid homage to this 300th anniversary of Tenuta Torciano.

The Winery

The Chianti area of Tuscany is ‘one of the most’ sought in Italy.

If you are a lover of all things Italian, specifically the Tuscan region, Tenuta Torciano Winery & Winetasting School is the ideal destination for you.

The Family

The Giachi family has been involved in wine production for over three centuries, since, in 1720 Bartolomeo Giachi left Florence and moved to Ulignano, settling permanently with his family in the prestigious house, business center of high quality grape land.

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Wine Making Process

  1. Harvesting
  2. Crushing
  3. Fermentation
  4. Clarification
  5. Aging and Bottling

Harvesting may be completed in one picking or in several. The grape clusters are cut from the vine and placed in buckets or boxes and then transferred to larger containers for transport to the winery.

In modern mechanized wine production, the grapes are normally crushed and stemmed at the same time by a crusher-stemmer, usually consisting of a perforated cylinder containing paddles revolving at 600 to 1,200 revolutions per minute. The grape berries are crushed and fall through the cylinder perforations; most of the stems pass out of the end of the cylinder. A roller-crusher may also be used. Ancient methods of crushing with the feet or treading with shoes are rare.

The process of alcoholic fermentation requires careful control for the production of high quality wines. Requirements include suppression of the growth of undesirable microorganisms, presence of adequate numbers of desirable yeasts, proper nutrition for yeast growth, temperature control for prevention of excessive heat, prevention of oxidation, and proper management of the cap of skins floating in red musts.

Some wines deposit their suspended material (yeast cells, particles of skins, etc.) very quickly, and the supernatant wine remains nearly brilliant. This is particularly true when 50-gallon wooden barrels, which have greater surface-to-volume ratio than larger containers, are employed.

Many wines improve in quality during barrel and bottle storage. Such wines eventually reach their peak and with further aging begin to decline. During the aging period, acidity decreases, additional clarification and stabilization occur as undesirable substances are precipitated, and the various components of the wine form complex compounds affecting flavour and aroma.

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Tenuta Torciano promotes the Italian wine & food culture all over the world.

A beautiful Italian experience to learn the best combinations beetween wine & food, the glass etiquette, the secrets of Italian cuisine, Tuscan wine-making techniques and more.

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Tenuta Torciano Winery
Via Crocetta 18, Loc. Ulignano
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